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SEC Filings

AZURE MIDSTREAM PARTNERS, LP filed this Form 8-K on 03/21/2017
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(E)                                other than for which an adjustment to the Purchase Price is made pursuant to Section 3.3, incur any Property Expense for which Buyer or its Affiliates could become liable, or otherwise responsible, for following the Closing;


(F)                                 commence, settle or propose to settle any Proceedings that would reasonably be expected to negatively impact or materially diminish the value of the Assets or impair title thereto;


(G)                               materially amend or modify any instrument creating any Real Property Interests or voluntarily release or surrender any Real Property Interests (other than upon termination of any Contract in accordance with its terms); or


(H)                              agree, whether in writing or otherwise, to do any of the foregoing.


6.2                               Access and Information.


(a)                                 From the Execution Date until the earlier of the Closing or the termination of this Agreement in accordance with Article X, but subject to the other provisions of this Section 6.2 and obtaining any required Consents of Third Parties (with respect to which consents Sellers shall use commercially reasonable efforts to obtain), Sellers shall afford to Buyer and its Representatives reasonable access, during normal business hours, and permit same to conduct a reasonable inspection of, all of the offices, facilities, properties, assets, inventories, and non-privileged books, records, and documents of Sellers, and will use their commercially reasonable efforts to furnish Buyer with such additional financial and operating data and other information relating to the Business, the Assumed Liabilities and the Assets as Buyer may from time to time reasonably request, including providing access to any physical or virtual data room and any other access or information provided to any other potential bidder.  Sellers shall also make available to Buyer and its Representatives, upon reasonable notice during normal business hours, Sellers’ personnel knowledgeable with respect to the Assets in order that Buyer may make such diligence investigation as Buyer considers reasonably necessary or appropriate.  All investigations and due diligence conducted by Buyer or any of its Representatives shall be conducted at Buyer’s sole cost, risk and expense and any conclusions made from any examination done by Buyer or any of its Representative shall result from Buyer’s own independent review and judgment.  Buyer shall coordinate Buyer’s and its Representatives’ access rights (including with respect to Sellers’ personnel) and physical inspections of the Assets with Sellers and their Representatives to minimize any inconvenience to or interruption of the conduct of business by Sellers, and Sellers shall have the right to accompany Buyer and any Representative of Buyer in connection with any such access rights.  Buyer shall not be authorized to perform sampling of any environmental media or perform testing or operation of any equipment without obtaining the applicable Seller’s prior written consent.  Buyer shall, and Buyer shall cause all of its Representatives to, abide by all Governmental Authorities’ and Sellers’ safety rules, regulations and operating policies while conducting Buyer’s due diligence evaluation of the Assets, including any environmental or other inspection or assessment of the Assets. No information provided to or obtained by Buyer pursuant to this Section 6.2(a) or otherwise shall limit or otherwise affect the remedies available



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