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SEC Filings

AZURE MIDSTREAM PARTNERS, LP filed this Form 8-K on 03/21/2017
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Remediation” means any action necessary protect against and/or respond to, remove, clean up, remediate, investigate, or monitor the release or threatened release of Hazardous Substances into the environment.


Representatives” means a Person’s directors, officers, employees, agents or advisors (including attorneys, accountants, auditors, consultants, bankers, financial advisors and any representatives of those advisors).


Restricted Information” has the meaning provided such term in Section 6.11.


Sale Order” means a Bankruptcy Court Order that approves Sellers’ performance under this Agreement for the sale to Buyer of the Assets and assignment to Buyer of the Assumed Liabilities and Assigned Contracts, in a form reasonably satisfactory to Buyer.


Sale Process” means the procedures for Sellers’ marketing of the Assets to Persons who may make higher and better offers to acquire such Assets, all as outlined in the Bid Procedures Order.


Salt Water” means produced water, flowback water and other water and substances generated from the exploration for and production of hydrocarbons.


Schedules” has the meaning provided in Section 1.2(e).


Security Arrangements” has the meaning provided in Section 4.20.


Seller” or “Sellers” has the meaning provided such term in the preamble.


Seller Marks” has the meaning provided such term in Section 6.6.


Seller Material Adverse Effect” means any change, effect, event, occurrence, state of facts or development that, individually or in the aggregate, is or would reasonably be expected to materially adversely affect the Assets or the value or operation of the Assets, taken as a whole; provided, however, that none of the following shall be deemed in themselves, either alone or in combination, to constitute, and none of the following shall be taken into account in determining whether there has been or will be, a Seller Material Adverse Effect, except in the case of clause (b) below, to the extent that the Assets are disproportionately impacted thereby as compared to other similar assets in the same or similar industries: any adverse change, effect, event, occurrence, state of facts or development attributable to (a) the announcement or pendency of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement or the filing or pendency of the Bankruptcy Cases; (b) conditions affecting the industry in which Sellers participate that are not unique to Sellers, the U.S. economy as a whole or the capital markets in general or the markets in



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