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SEC Filings

AZURE MIDSTREAM PARTNERS, LP filed this Form 8-K on 03/21/2017
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1.65                        Other Equity Interest means an Interest in a Debtor, other than Azure.


1.66                        Other Priority Claim means any Claim against any of the Debtors entitled to priority in payment as specified in section 507(a)(3), (4), (5), (6), (7), or (9) of the Bankruptcy Code, other than an Administrative Expense Claim or a Priority Tax Claim.


1.67                        Other Secured Claim means a Secured Claim other than a Prepetition Secured Claim.


1.68                        Person means an individual, corporation, partnership, joint venture, association, joint stock company, limited liability company, limited liability partnership, trust, estate, unincorporated organization, Governmental Unit or other entity.


1.69                        Petition Date means, with respect to a Debtor, the date on which such Debtor commenced its Chapter 11 Case.


1.70                        Plan means this joint chapter 11 plan of liquidation, including the exhibits hereto and the Plan Supplement, as the same may be amended or modified from time to time in accordance with Section 13.3 herein.


1.71                        Plan Administrator means Azure.


1.72                        Plan Supplement means the compilation of documents, in form and substance reasonably acceptable to the Debtors, the Prepetition Administrative Agent, and the Prepetition Secured Lenders, containing, among other things, a list of Causes of Action to be retained by the Debtors, the list of Executory Contracts and Unexpired Leases to be assumed and rejected, and information required to be disclosed in accordance with section 1129(a)(5) of the Bankruptcy Code; provided that, through the Effective Date, the Debtors shall have the right to amend any schedules, exhibits, or amendments to any of the documents contained in, and exhibits to, the Plan Supplement.


1.73                        Plan Objection Deadline means the deadline established by the Bankruptcy Court for parties in interest to file objections to confirmation of the Plan.


1.74                        Prepetition Administrative Agent means Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, in its capacity as agent under the Prepetition Credit Agreement.


1.75                        Prepetition Credit Agreement means that certain Credit Agreement, dated as of February 27, 2015 (as amended, restated, or otherwise modified from time to time), among inter alia, Azure, as borrower, each of the other Debtors as guarantors, the Prepetition Administrative Agent, and the Prepetition Secured Lenders.


1.76                        Prepetition Secured Lenders means the lenders from time to time party to the Prepetition Credit Agreement.


1.77                        Priority Tax Claim means any secured or unsecured Claim of a Governmental Unit of the kind entitled to priority in payment as specified in sections 502(i) and 507(a)(8) of the Bankruptcy Code.



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