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SEC Filings

AZURE MIDSTREAM PARTNERS, LP filed this Form 8-K on 03/21/2017
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such Allowed Priority Tax Claim on the later of the Effective Date, the first Business Day after the date that is thirty (30) calendar days after the date such Priority Tax Claim becomes an Allowed Priority Tax Claim, and the date such Allowed Priority Tax Claim is due and payable in the ordinary course, or as soon thereafter as is reasonably practicable.  The holders of Allowed Priority Tax Claims shall retain their tax liens (if any) on their collateral and/or proceeds thereof to the same validity, extent and priority as existed on the Petition Date until all validly determined taxes and related interest, penalties, and fees (if any) have been paid in full.  To the extent a holder of an Allowed Priority Tax Claim is not paid in the ordinary course of business, payment of the Allowed Priority Tax Claim shall include interest through the date of payment at the applicable state statutory rate, as set forth in sections 506(b), 511, and 1129 of the Bankruptcy Code.


SECTION 3.                                                 CLASSIFICATION OF CLAIMS AND INTERESTS.


3.1.                            Classification in General.


A Claim or Interest is placed in a particular Class for all purposes, including voting, confirmation, and distribution under this Plan and under sections 1122 and 1123(a)(1) of the Bankruptcy Code; provided that a Claim or Interest is placed in a particular Class for the purpose of receiving distributions pursuant to this Plan only to the extent that such Claim or Interest is an Allowed Claim or Allowed Interest in that Class and such Claim or Interest has not been satisfied, released, or otherwise settled prior to the Effective Date.


3.2.                            Formation of Debtor Groups for Convenience Only.


This Plan (including, but not limited to, Sections 2 and 3 of the Plan) groups the Debtors together solely for the purpose of describing treatment under this Plan, confirmation of this Plan, and distributions to be made in respect of Claims against and Interests in the Debtors under this Plan.  Such groupings shall not affect each Debtor’s status as a separate legal entity, change the organizational structure of the Debtors’ business enterprise, constitute a change of control of any Debtor for any purpose, cause a merger or consolidation of any legal entities, or cause the transfer of any assets.


3.3.                            Summary of Classification.


The following table designates the Classes of Claims against and Interests in each of the Debtors and specifies which of those Classes are (a) Impaired or Unimpaired by the Plan, (b) entitled to vote to accept or reject the Plan in accordance with section 1126 of the Bankruptcy Code, and (c) deemed to accept or reject the Plan.  In accordance with section 1123(a)(1) of the Bankruptcy Code, Administrative Expense Claims and Priority Tax Claims have not been classified and, thus, are excluded from the Classes of Claims and Interests set forth in this Section 3.  Certain of the Debtors may not have holders of Claims or Interests in a particular Class or Classes, and such Classes shall be treated as set forth in Section 3.5.




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