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AZURE MIDSTREAM PARTNERS, LP filed this Form 8-K on 03/21/2017
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Hearing may be adjourned from time-to-time by the Debtors or the Bankruptcy Court without further notice except for an announcement of the adjourned date made at the Confirmation Hearing or any subsequent adjourned Confirmation Hearing.


B.                                    OBJECTIONS


Section 1128 of the Bankruptcy Code provides that any party in interest may object to the confirmation of a plan.  Objections to confirmation of the Plan are governed by Bankruptcy Rule 9014.


Any objection to confirmation of the Plan must be in writing, must conform to the applicable provisions of the Bankruptcy Code and the Bankruptcy Rules, and must set forth the name of the objector, the nature and amount of Claims or Interests held or asserted by the objector against the Debtors’ estates or property, the basis for the objection and the specific grounds therefor, and must be filed with the Bankruptcy Court so as to be received no later than the Plan Objection Deadline of [·], 2017.




C.                                    REQUIREMENTS FOR CONFIRMATION OF THE PLAN


1.                                      Requirements of Section 1129(a) of the Bankruptcy Code


a.                                      General Requirements


At the Confirmation Hearing, the Bankruptcy Court will determine whether the following confirmation requirements specified in section 1129 of the Bankruptcy Code have been satisfied:


(i)                                     The Plan complies with the applicable provisions of the Bankruptcy Code.


(ii)                                  The Debtors have complied with the applicable provisions of the Bankruptcy Code.


(iii)                               The Plan has been proposed in good faith and not by any means proscribed by law.


(iv)                              Any payment made or promised by the Debtors or by a person issuing securities or acquiring property under the Plan for services or for costs and expenses in, or in connection with, the Chapter 11 Cases, or in connection with the Plan and incident to the Chapter 11 Cases, has been approved or is subject to the approval of the Bankruptcy Court as reasonable.


(v)                                 The Debtors have disclosed the identity and affiliations of any individual proposed to serve, after confirmation of the Plan, as a director, officer, or voting trustee of the Debtors, an affiliate of the Debtors participating in a joint plan with the Debtors, or a successor to the Debtors under the Plan, and the appointment to, or continuance in, such office of such individual is consistent with the interests of creditors and equity holders and with public policy.


(vi)                              With respect to each Class of Claims or Interests, each holder of an Impaired Claim or Impaired Interest either has accepted the Plan or will receive or retain under the Plan on account of such holder’s Claim or Interest, property of a value, as of the Effective Date, that is not less than



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