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SEC Filings

AZURE MIDSTREAM PARTNERS, LP filed this Form 8-K on 03/21/2017
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settle any and all Claims against the Debtors (in good faith consultation with the Prepetition Administrative Agent);


(ii)                                  make distributions to holders of Allowed Claims in accordance with the Plan;


(iii)                               exercise its reasonable business judgment to direct and control the wind down, liquidation, sale and/or abandoning of the remaining assets of the Debtors under the Plan and in accordance with applicable law as necessary to maximize distributions to holders of Allowed Claims (with respect to the sale or abandonment of remaining assets of the Debtors, in good faith consultation with the Prepetition Administrative Agent);


(iv)                              prosecute all Causes of Action on behalf of the Debtors, elect not to pursue any Causes of Action, and determine whether and when to compromise, settle, abandon, dismiss, or otherwise dispose of any such Causes of Action, as the Plan Administrator may determine is in the best interests of the Debtors;


(v)                                 make payments to existing professionals who will continue to perform in their current capacities;


(vi)                              retain professionals to assist in performing its duties under the Plan (in good faith consultation with the Prepetition Administrative Agent);


(vii)                           maintain the books and records and accounts of the Debtors and obtain any necessary insurance;


(viii)                        invest Cash of the Debtors, including Available Cash, and any income earned thereon;


(ix)                              incur and pay reasonable and necessary expenses in connection with the performance of duties under the Plan, including the reasonable fees and expenses of professionals retained by the Plan Administrator;


(x)                                 administer each Debtor’s tax obligations, including (A) filing tax returns and paying tax obligations, (B) requesting, if necessary, an expedited determination of any unpaid tax liability of each Debtor or its estate under Bankruptcy Code section 505(b) for all taxable periods of such Debtor ending after the Petition Date through the liquidation of such Debtor as determined under applicable tax laws and (C) representing the interest and account of each Debtor or its estate before any taxing authority in all matters including, without limitation, any action, suit, proceeding or audit;


(xi)                              prepare and file any and all informational returns, reports, statements, returns or disclosures relating to the Debtors that are required hereunder, by any Governmental Unit or applicable law;


(xii)                           consult with and update the Prepetition Administrative Agent when requested including, but not limited to, with respect to Claims and the Claims reconciliation process, Causes of Action, the wind down and liquidation process, and other actions relating to implementation of the Plan, and provide a good faith, non-binding monthly budget reasonably acceptable to the Prepetition Administrative Agent with respect to expected disbursements;


(xiii)                        pay statutory fees in accordance with Section 13.1 of the Plan; and



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